The World’s Fastest SUV Record Is Now Held by Toyota’s Land Cruiser

When you are shopping for SUVs featured at used car dealerships in Indianapolis, you might consider popular brands like the Toyota Land Cruiser. This 4WD SUV has been around for 66 years. The original Land Cruiser was designed to compete with Jeep when it first rolled off production lines back in 1951.

Since its introduction, the Land Cruiser has been one of Toyota’s most popular vehicle lines. It has been altered, over the years, to include various designs and options, such as convertibles and station wagons, aside from the standard hardtop. The Land Cruiser has also been one of Toyota’s most reliable vehicles with consumers, which has contributed greatly to its success.

Now in its ninth generation, which is called the J200 series, it began production in 2007. Over the past ten years, Toyota has made regular updates to its design and features to incorporate the latest technologies and other options, including higher-end, luxury styling on select models. In fact, the luxury designs are also marketed and sold under Toyota’s Lexus brand in select countries, too.

Toyota’s Land Cruiser

While most people appreciate the Land Cruiser’s adaptability for a wide array of driving conditions—both on-road and off-road—they might not give much thought about how fast the vehicle can go. Earlier this month, Toyota wanted to test the top speed capabilities of the Land Cruiser. The test model was a heavily modified stock Land Cruiser model, much like you would find at your local car dealership.

Toyota’s team of engineers made modifications to convert the Land Cruiser into a racing and performance SUV. After the modifications were made, Toyota’s NASCAR driver, Carl Edwards, was honored with being asked to drive and test the top speeds of the modified SUV. Toyota conducted its tests in the Mojave Desert on a closed course.

During the tests, the Land Cruiser reached a top speed of 230.02 mph, setting a new world’s record for the fastest SUV. The former record was 211 mph. It reached this new top speed just shortly before running out of pavement. Toyota’s engineers and performance experts agreed that if there had been additional track for testing, it is strongly believed the Land Cruiser could have achieved a much higher top speed.

World’s Fastest SUV

The engine used in the upgraded performance racing SUV was a modified production 5.7-liter V8 engine available in production Land Cruiser models. The modifications made on the engine helped boost it to over 2,000 horsepower. To deal with the aerodynamics and height off the ground, the engineers lowered the Land Cruiser and made other alterations to the transmission.

Lowering it closer to the ground helped address concerns over handling and suspension at speeds in excess of 200 mph. Once finalized, the team even gave their creation its own name: the Land Speed Cruiser!

Even though this model is not one sold at car dealers, you can still experience the latest features and options in production models. To check out the latest deals on certified pre-owned Land Cruisers in the Indianapolis area, please feel free to contact Community Cars at 888-340-0339 today!