Trucks Take the Lead in Kelley Blue Book Top-10 Best-Seller List

Trucks are enjoying a resurgence in popularity as gas prices remain low and the U.S. economy shifts into higher gear. After years of purchasing fuel-sipping compact cars, Americans are ready to stretch their legs and their wallets and move up to something a little larger.

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The resurgent popularity of trucks is evident, as three of the top spots on the Kelley Blue Book’s Best Selling Cars of 2017 list are taken up by trucks. If you’re searching Bloomington area dealerships for a new truck, consider these popular contenders:

  • Ford F-Series – The Ford F-Series is the most popular line of trucks in the world and has been for decades. Their enduring popularity isn’t surprising—they’re just amazing vehicles. Ford’s F-Series is now made of aluminum, allowing the vehicles to shed weight to add other features and to improve fuel efficiency. The standard engine for the F-150 is a powerful 385 horsepower V6, and Ford includes lots of great tech features and creature comforts with the vehicle. For 2017, the Ford F-Series of pickups is the best-selling line of vehicles in the U.S.
  • Chevy Silverado – The Chevy Silverado is a close competitor to the F-Series. For 2017, the Silverado offers neat tweaks like active grille shutters that make the vehicle more fuel efficient by regulating the engine’s oxygen intake. A Teen Driver watchdog system is a great new technical feature, and Chevy has also added a number of other electronic safety features, such as low-speed emergency braking.

The Silverado is known for being a highly reliable truck, and the 2017 model is no exception. Consumers can be certain that they’re getting their money’s worth when they purchase a new Silverado.

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  • RAM Trucks – The 2017 RAM is a great option for consumers who want an SUV-like truck. It doesn’t have the towing power of an F-Series truck, but it does offer lots of great creature comforts and an affordable price.

The new RAM 1500 provides lots of options for consumers. Buyers can choose from three cabs, three different bed lengths, three engine types, and 12 trims. The RAM’s interior quality is a stand-out, with lots of high-quality materials that give the RAM a luxury feel.

Trucks have long been popular with the American public, as families and casual drivers have embraced them since auto manufacturers started adding more car-like creature comforts and extra seating space to their design. Then consumers’ love affair with the truck hit a road bump when oil prices spiked and the economy tanked in the 00s.

Fuel prices have come back down to earth, and the economy has recovered. Auto manufacturers have also made a number of changes that are making trucks more fuel efficient, including using lighter body materials and advanced engine designs.

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