Trucks Become Vehicle of Choice for Families

Trucks aren’t just for farmers and laborers, anymore. New research by automotive experts shows that full-size pickup trucks have rapidly become a favorite among families, taking up market share once occupied by sedans and SUVs.

Trucks Become Vehicle of Choice for Families

If current sales trends hold up, full-size pickup trucks will be the second-most popular type of vehicle sold in the U.S. in 2017, outpaced only by SUVs. Trucks have been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years, as just a few years ago large pickups ranked behind SUVs and midsize cars in total sales.

The growth in truck sales is being followed by growth in truck leasing. About 16.7 percent of new truck transactions are leases. That’s still lower than the lease rate for new cars but is triple the lease rate for trucks five years ago.

Why Are Trucks Gaining Ground?

There are several reasons why trucks are gaining ground on traditional family haulers like mini-vans, station wagons, and SUVs:

  • Improved Quality & Comfort – Previous decades’ truck designs were pretty spare and spartan. Today’s trucks are more comfortable and have more features. Many modern trucks have a full-size back seat, giving them the passenger carrying capacity of cars and small SUVs while still retaining their payload and towing capacity. Manufacturers have also added many of the creature comforts found in upscale passenger cars—things like leather seats, dual-zone climate control, infotainment systems, and more.
  • Economizing – In the past, many families had regular family vehicles like sedans for day-to-day driving and a truck for towing watercraft, hauling dirt, moving home improvement supplies, and other chores. As modern trucks have become more comfortable and car-like while retaining their capability to haul and tow, it’s become more practical for families to just buy one vehicle for day-to-day driving and chores rather than two.
  • Seating position – This is a big selling point for SUVs, too. The high seating position of trucks relative to traditional automobiles is popular among consumers, as they feel the elevated position gives them greater visual range.
  • Safety – Trucks have traditionally been built to be a little sturdier than passenger vehicles, as trucks often travel in rougher environments and conditions than sedans. Trucks’ larger size and sturdier construction make them safer in crashes. Safety is one of the most important considerations that families weigh when making new vehicle purchases, thus making trucks more attractive to these consumers.

full size pickup trucks

  • Trucks are just cool – What would you really rather drive, a stodgy soccer-mom-mobile or a rugged truck? Trucks project an image of rugged individuality that appeals to dads and moms alike, making them more attractive to consumers who are responsible parents but who still like to have a little fun.

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