Why A Used Toyota Should Be On Your List of Cars to Buy

Consumers nowadays are looking for longevity over performance, efficiency over luxury. They want what works, and they want to know what works for others. The latest recession taught Americans the value of endurance, and Toyota incorporates that principle into their design philosophy.

Fortunately, Toyota has multiple entries on top 10 lists for the more economical and sustainable vehicles. We wrap up the “why” and “what” here, explaining what makes Toyota so special and which models get the seal of approval at Bloomington Toyota Dealerships.


Most car owners will stick with their vehicles for a minimum of four years, including models from the 90s. The amount of actively driven cars older than 25 years old is expected to increase by 33 percent over the next five years, while the national average age of cars will stay at nearly seven and a half years.

Toyota understands the desire for longevity, and it continues to deliver on it for well over a decade with tried and true models. Surprisingly, electric cars don’t seem to be part of the equation; they won’t dominate the market for the foreseeable future. Consumers are sticking to what they know works.

Studies show that, as of 2016, Toyota vehicles comprise 50 percent of the top 10 lists for the most economically viable vehicles. These cars are the ones owners keep for 10 years or more to get the most value out of their money. These are just some of the famous models that have been proven to stand the test of time.


Toyotas Highlander

Toyota’s Highlander is a staple SUV model. It may not be a full-sized monster like the Suburban, but it has plenty of room for your everyday needs, enough power to haul heavy loads, and the ability to contend with sedans in fuel efficiency. At 21 city mpg and 27 highway mpg, it’s a powerful and affordable, too.

The latest 2017 Hybrid models give you an extra bit of fuel efficiency, at 28 mpg, combined with a 440-mile range.


The hybrid sedan scene has been bustling over the last few years, and Toyota has a high standing in this class of vehicles. The Prius itself comes in several models, but the base version is just as economically efficient as its competitors. This year’s 2017 model gets a whopping 50-54 mpg, even at speeds of 75 miles per hour, and the previous years are only a few mpg behind this rating. The Prius, regardless of year, is an excellent choice for those looking to be more eco-conscious.


Toyota models

The Sienna is Toyota’s answer to those who need a minivan with storage space and seating capacity. Its 18 city mpg and 24 highway mpg easily compete with SUVs. The Sienna takes a flat seven seconds to go from zero to 60, so it has the power to haul whatever you need wherever you need it. All-wheel drive allows you to travel safely in questionable weather conditions.


Compact crossovers work well for city dwellers where parking space is at a premium. The RAV4 pioneered the compact crossover class, starting in the 1990s, and it continues to maintain a strong presence today. It rivals the fuel efficiency of upper-class sedans at 22 to 34 mpg while retaining a good storage capacity for your inter-city hauling needs.

Toyota boasts some of the most competitively economical vehicles out there, regardless of what class you desire. These vehicles suit your wallet and your fancy, all without busting your bank. Visit communitycars.com today and learn more.