Who Topped J.D. Power’s New Car Quality Survey for 2017?

One of the auto industry’s most watched survey results is the annual J.D. Power’s New Car Quality Survey Report. J.D. Power has been conducting this survey annually for quite some time. The results indicate which manufacturers, vehicle brands, and models offer the best quality for consumers based upon their first ninety days of ownership.

2017 Niro - Red

This year’s survey solicited responses from 80,000 vehicle owners of new 2017 models and what types of problems they experienced during the first ninety days. Some of the more common problems consumers experience during this time frame include:

  • Infotainment Center Problems – Consumers have issues with pairing cell phones, using navigation features, enabling device specific playback features, and other such issues.
  • Safety Feature Problems – With new technology and safety, consumers reported issues with lane departure, blind spot collision, and backup camera systems, and other related advanced safety features.

While technology-related issues are typically the highest reported issues, the survey also takes into account all vehicle systems, including the engine, exhaust, cooling, and so on, along with problems with other interior and exterior features and options.

The industry average for this year’s survey was 97 reported problems for every 100 vehicles. Normally, high-end luxury and sport car brands tend to be found above this average. However, for the past two years (2016 and 2017), KIA has been number one. KIA owners reported a total of 72 problems per 100 vehicles in models purchased brand new from authorized KIA dealerships.

In addition, the Genesis, a new luxury stand-alone brand under the Hyundai umbrella, which also includes KIA, came in second place, with 77 reported problems per 100 vehicles. Hyundai tied for fifth place with Chevrolet and BMW, with 88 report problems per 100 vehicles.

For the South Korean car manufacturer, this is a remarkable feat to have not just one, but three brands in the top five, not to mention KIA placing first for two years running. In addition to the overall quality survey results, J.D. Power ranks vehicles within their respective car categories to determine the leading models.

2017 Cadenza

KIA also was the top manufacturer with the most models receiving the highest-quality score awards within various car classes, including:

  • Small SUV – KIA Niro
  • Full-Sized Car – KIA Cadenza
  • Compact Car – KIA Forte
  • Multipurpose Compact Vehicle – KIA Soul
  • Mid-Sized SUV – KIA Sorento

Out of all manufacturers and vehicles included in the study, the KIA Cadenza was rated the best, with only 51 reported problems for every 100 vehicles.

It is worth mentioning, Porsche used to hold the number-one spot but lost this honor last year when KIA received the top ranking. For the 2017 survey, Porsche has slipped to number 3 behind the Genesis. Of the Detroit manufacturers—besides Chevy, which came in fifth—Ford and Ram also did well and tied for the number-4 spot, with 86 problems for every 100 vehicles.

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