Reasons Now Is the Time to Buy a New Ford

Now is the best time to buy a new car. This is a slogan you’ve heard every single year at every single dealership all across the country, but hold on—this year just might be the best time to purchase a car when you take the last recession into account.

While there is less of a demand for new vehicles, things are not as grim as they sound for the automotive industry, and Ford is shaping up to be a promising investment this year. That means the future is bright for Ford dealerships in Bloomington, and they’re likely to pass on those savings to you in the form of incentives.

Ford’s Market Share Is Strong

Time to Buy a New Ford

Ford ranks 12th in the top 500 companies to invest in this year. They returned significant amounts of capital back to their investors consistently all throughout the year.

Ford’s current growth, estimated at 5.14 percent annually, is an improvement on previous years. For the current year, projections from earlier this year showed a 9 percent growth while recent results show 15 percent. Worst-case scenario analyses show that Ford would trade at a discount instead of a significant loss, which really isn’t too bad in the current climate.

To put this strong showing into perspective, we must look at Ford five years ago. Ford’s stock price is at its lowest point compared to then right now. This fact, combined with general upward stock market trends, show that Ford isn’t going anywhere but up. You can expect high-quality vehicles for lower prices as a result of Ford rising from rock bottom.

Trending Gasoline Vehicles

Gasoline may not be as socially trendy as pure electric vehicles, but oil prices remain cheap and stable for the foreseeable future. Gas-powered cars are less expensive and more economically viable as a result of the oil market’s stability. Consumers are still buying gas-powered cars instead of making the change to pure electric. This may be because electric just isn’t cost-effective yet.

Ford’s EcoBoost engines are more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than other brands, too, boosting them in the automotive market. New Ford vehicles save the environment and your wallet.

The Recession Makes New Cars More Enticing

Bloomington Ford cars

The recession of 2008 hit Americans hard, but it also did its part to make newer cars more appealing. Fewer used cars on the market, mostly due to everyone buying them or holding onto them during the recession, mean that more people are purchasing new than ever. Trading in your car for a new Ford is a great deal since used cars are in demand but low in supply. The sooner you trade it in, the better of a deal you can get on a new Ford.

Ford also has a great selection of new models to choose. They have always been competitive in all car archetypes, even going back as far as 50 years. Interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in years, too, meaning it’s a perfect time to buy and cut down on the cost.

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