How the Nissan Rogue Has Become the Hottest Selling Vehicle

Aside from pickup truck sales, the Nissan Rogue has made huge leaps and bounds since first being introduced on the market. For the first part of 2017, Rogue sales at Nissan dealerships have grown significantly displacing former reigning champion—Toyota Camry—as the hottest non-pickup vehicle with the most sales on the market today.

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Part of the reason for the Rogue’s success has to do with the shift in consumers’ preferences in vehicles over the past five years or so. Not only here in the United States and Canada but, also, in European markets, the crossover vehicle market segment has become very popular.

This has mid-sized sedan vehicles sitting in showrooms as people no longer want sedans. Instead, they want the comfort and spaciousness of an SUV but the fuel efficiency and affordability of a mid-sized sedan—which the crossover market satisfies very well.

In fact, the Nissan Rogue offers the best of both worlds with plenty of cargo and passenger space, along with 26 mpg city and 33 mpg highway fuel efficiencies. Plus, the pricing point of the Rogue has helped fuel its sales and allowed it to become the leading non-pickup vehicle of 2017.

Base models start around $23,000, not counting any dealer and manufacturer incentives that could further reduce this price. Currently, Nissan offers the Rogue in six different trim packages with prices ranging from around $23,000 to around $31,000, depending on features and options available within each package.

Why Nissan Rogue Unseated the Toyota Camry

Compared to the Camry, the Rogue has a 2 mpg higher in-city mpg rating and identical highway fuel efficiency rating. The base prices of each trim package in the Nissan Rogue lineup are highly competitive with Toyota’s mid-sized sedan trim package pricing.

Size-wise, the Rogue’s dimensions are very similar to the Camry but do offer more cargo space, more head room, and more stylish exterior and interior designs. It is for these reasons that the Rogue has become more popular and preferred over the Camry.

Nissan Rogue Versus Other Crossovers

The pricing points on the different trim packages available on the Nissan Rogue average several thousand dollars less than comparable packages from Honda and Toyota, which is why the Rogue is even outselling the CR-V and RAV4 crossovers.

Rogue Sport Set to Capture Small Sedan Market

2017 Nissan Rogue Sport

With the success of the Rogue, Nissan is rolling out a smaller version, named the Rogue Sport, which has already started to overtake the small sedan market overseas, where the vehicle is being sold as the Qashqai.

Nissan is already starting to notice similar results here, with Rogue Sports selling at an equally fast pace as the original Rogue. So much so, some authorized Nissan dealers cannot keep the Rogue Sport in stock and are selling them as quickly as they are being delivered.

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