The Jeep Hum Rider Is a Technological Masterpiece: Here’s Why!

It’s not exactly a Hummer, though its name might suggest otherwise. The new HumRider concept vehicle is a technological masterpiece rife with advancements that make the matter of competition questionable.

Sure, it is a concept vehicle, so you’re not likely to find it at your local Jeep Bedford, first hand, just yet, but the Hum Rider does point to the future of cars and vehicle advancements in a big way. From the ability to drive right over traffic to the comfortable interior itself, here’s what makes this unique marvel so incredibly special.

Hydraulic Lift System

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By far the most impressive feature on this new concept car is its undercarriage. It contains a fully flexible hydraulic rise system that’s large enough to not just lift the vehicle over obstacles, but which is large enough to carry you right over traffic, too. It both widens and lengthens to allow for modification in the presence of small or large objects.

Whether it’s a scrap of metal on the highway or rush hour traffic in New York City, just a couple of feet of clearance on either side of your vehicle, and you no longer need to waste half of your day. This isn’t your standard low rider lift kit, folks!

300 Feet of Hydraulic Lines

Tech-wise, the hydraulic lift system contains over 300 feet of lines that wrap around the frame end-to-end. These provide power and up to 900 pounds of pressure to everything, from the steering column to the braking system. Multiple hydraulic pumps make it a beast to contend with. That’s fortuitous, given that the Hum Rider weighs an incredible 8,500 pounds and stands over 9 feet high.

Gas Generator

The Hum Rider gets most of its power from hydraulics, but it does require some fuel for operation, too. Aside from the standard gas tank, it also has an additional gas generator embedded in the engine. This generator is single-handedly responsible for generating electricity that bleeds over into the hydraulics system itself, making them symbiotic.

Subscription Tech

The most realistically accessible part of this concept car, at least as far as the average driver is concerned, lies in Jeep’s added subscription tech. We’re talking about telematics and camera monitoring systems that let you see all angles of a vehicle from anywhere on the road, as well as emergency roadside assistance, a speeding alert, and vehicle diagnostics that let you see what’s failing and where, in a way that’s much more productive and clear.

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So, here’s the bad news: You aren’t likely to find the Hum Rider in local Jeep dealerships anytime soon, but the company is stating that they plan to sell the technology within this concept vehicle for use in the future.

While you may never get to take the Hum Rider for a test run at your dealership, you just might find yourself in the driver’s seat of a high-powered car that borrows from its long list of advancements, instead.

As far as Jeep’s subscription services, you could benefit from those, too; there are rumors that the company might make them available outside of Jeep products, though we have yet to confirm the information first-hand.

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