Inspired by Nature: Ford Releases New Green Color for 2018 Focus Electrics

Gone are the days when founder Henry Ford offered customers the option to get their model Ts painted in any color, so long as it was black. While most of us look back at this as humorous today, there was a very sound reason behind Henry Ford choosing black as the paint color for the new automobiles featured at Ford dealerships at the turn of the century.

At the turn of the century, colored paints used on horse-drawn carriages consisted mostly of oils, which required longer drying times and did not fit with Mr. Ford’s ideal of an assembly line to mass produce automobiles and make them affordable for everyone. Furthermore, these oil-based paints would quickly fade from exposure to sunlight and required frequent repainting to maintain their appearance, which was expensive and costly—not something the general public could afford.

Ford Greenwood

Thanks to Mr. Ford’s innovative black-enameled black paint, vehicle colors have come a long way since the early 1900s. Fast forward today, and Ford has been one of the leaders when it comes to experimenting with new colors on its vehicles, as well as those used for car shows and its racing line. Developing outrageous and stunning paint colors is now an important part of vehicle development processes at Ford, and each color goes through a detailed process before it even makes it onto a vehicle.

Ford recently announced on Saint Patrick’s Day, earlier this month, that it is taking cues from Pantone, one of the leading paint color experts that others look to for inspiration when choosing what colors are trendy, hot, and considered in fashion. From architects to interior designers and auto manufacturers, everyone takes note each year when Pantone releases its annual color choices for the year.

One of the trending colors Pantone has released is called “Greenery,” and it has also named it as the “Color of the Year” for 2017. Ford took inspiration from the new color and created its “Outrageous Green Metallic” color to be used on 2018 Ford Focus Electric models.

Ford is excited about the color not only because it is a trending color but, also, because it helps people remember nature and the inspiration and renewal nature brings. In addition, the color helps raise awareness about renewable energy sources, like the all-electric-powered Fusion, as well as about doing our part to help preserve the environment. If you are interested in painting the interior or exterior of your garage to match the color of your new 2018 Ford Focus Electric vehicle, the official swatch number for “Greenery” from Pantone is 15-0343.

Ford Releases New Green Color for 2018

Outrageous Green Metallic is among other green colors Ford has offered in the past and drawn inspiration from since it started “going green,” including:

  • Gotta Have It Green
  • Highland Green
  • Ultimate Green
  • Squeeze Green

To learn more about the 2018 Ford Focus electric model in Outrageous Green Metallic or other exciting colors, please feel free to contact your local Community Cars Ford dealers or call us at 888-340-0339 today!