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10 Things That Separate Great Used Cars From Lemons For Indianapolis Car Shoppers

For smart car consumers, pre-owned vehicles are a steal, providing top-shelf features and amenities at a discount price. Modern cars have better longevity than ever, and a pre-owned vehicle with 50,000 miles or more is just at the beginning of its useful lifecycle. Learning to identify the best pre-owned vehicles will ensure auto consumers get

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Best Cars for Teens

Five Best Cars for Teens

It’s only natural for parents to want their teen drivers to have the safest vehicles available as they learn to become responsible drivers. Technology has allowed automakers to build vehicles that are safer than ever, and some go the extra mile in providing special features to help keep inexperienced drivers safe. Those efforts are needed.

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2018 Jeep Wrangler

Millennials Starting Families Have Big Impact on Auto Market

The Millennials have arrived, and automakers are taking notice, moving to stock car dealerships with vehicles that will appeal to what is swiftly becoming the largest car-buying demographic. Millennials got off to a slow start for certain American rites of passage to adulthood, such as starting a family, buying a home, and purchasing new cars,

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Nissan Bloomington

How the Nissan Rogue Has Become the Hottest Selling Vehicle

Aside from pickup truck sales, the Nissan Rogue has made huge leaps and bounds since first being introduced on the market. For the first part of 2017, Rogue sales at Nissan dealerships have grown significantly displacing former reigning champion—Toyota Camry—as the hottest non-pickup vehicle with the most sales on the market today. Part of the

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Toyotas Highlander

Why A Used Toyota Should Be On Your List of Cars to Buy

Consumers nowadays are looking for longevity over performance, efficiency over luxury. They want what works, and they want to know what works for others. The latest recession taught Americans the value of endurance, and Toyota incorporates that principle into their design philosophy. Fortunately, Toyota has multiple entries on top 10 lists for the more economical

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