The 5 Most Reliable Car Brands in 2016

Put three car fans in a room, and you’re likely to get three different opinions about which brands of vehicles are the most dependable and reliable. Thankfully, we have the JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study to give us unbiased, evidence-based evaluations of the quality and dependability of all the vehicles released in a given year. Without further ado, here are the brands JD Power and Associates determined to be the most reliable in 2016.

Most Reliable Car Brands

  1. Lexus

For the fifth year in a row, Lexus topped the JD Power U.S Vehicle Dependability Study. In particular, the Lexus ES was the highest-rated compact premium, the Lexus GS was the highest-rated midsize premium, and the Lexus GX was the highest-rated midsize premium SUV.

  1. Porsche

Placing fifth overall in 2015, German sports car maker Porsche jumped several spots up the list to number two most dependable in 2016.

  1. Buick

Though Buick was knocked down a spot from the previous year’s list, this brand still made a particularly strong showing this year. Some of the Buick models singled out for acclaim include the Encore SUV, the Verano, and the LaCrosse.

  1. Toyota

Several of Toyota’s 2016 vehicles did well in the survey, including the Prius V, the Tundra, the Sierra, the Sienna, and the always reliable Corolla. Toyota’s respectable placement on the list, along with its upscale sister brand Lexus sitting at the top, makes the Toyota family the clear overall winner for 2016, even when you factor in that the main Toyota brand slipped one position down the list from last year.

  1. GMC

Rounding out the top five was GMC, which received a total of eight awards overall. In particular, the GMC Yukon was given the award in the large SUV category. GMC’s sister brand, Chevrolet, placed eighth on the list overall, moving up one spot from its position in 2015.

Most dependable vehicles

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