Why the 2018 Ford F-150 Is Still Number 1

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: Nothing could be truer when it comes to the Ford F-150. It’s been the king of all trucks for years, and that royal position will only be further solidified with the latest upgrades in the 2018 F-150. There’s no better time to see why the 2018 F-150 is still number one at any new or used car dealership in Bloomington.

Towing and Hauling

2018 Ford F-150

One of the main reasons to buy a truck is for increased hauling capabilities. The F-150 has a long-standing history of being the best-in-class when it comes to the massive loads it can haul and tow. It comfortably carries up to 3,270 pounds of cargo over even or rough terrain, but it’s even beefier when it comes to towing a max load of 13,200 pounds. It’s no wonder the F-150 is the champion of trucks again this year.


The F-150’s strength comes from innovative engineering, as opposed to just adding more bulk. The result is a much lighter frame, this year, that doesn’t cut down on hauling capabilities. The new 2018 weighs 700 pounds less than the previous model, replacing heavier materials with high-strength aluminum alloys. Ford has used high-quality military-grade strength aluminum as its metal of choice for three years to build the toughest truck on the market.


The Ford F-150 has five engine options available. That means it’s easier than ever to get the most out of customizing a brand new 2018 F-150. Its 450-HP 3.5-liter EcoBoost option is a fantastic option for those who want a lot of power with great fuel efficiency. Many of the 2018 F-150’s engines feature its specialized high-tech 10-speed automatic transmission. There are manual transmission options available if you need more control over the road than automatics provide.

All engines come with start-stop technology to further increase their gas mileage. Off-road enthusiasts should consider the F-150 Raptor model for its additional features and improved engine. If none of the engines currently available interest you, check out the 3.0-ltr. Power Stroke Turbo Diesel engine coming this spring for its 40th birthday. The F-150’s full range of superior engines is just another reason it deserves the top spot.

Keeping Up with the Times

F-150 with new upgrades and advanced capabilities

The F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle for 35 years, but its feature list doesn’t look a day over two. Some notable changes for 2018 include the new front and rear lighting designs, as well as the stylish grille. There are more color options available for the interior and exterior this year, so that you can design your own style.

Ford vastly improved the infotainment system for 2018. Its SYNC 3 technology offers a broad selection of connectivity and entertainment features. The F-150’s high-end speakers are coupled with the B&O PLAY audio system, which enhances every sound and lets you do as much fine-tuning of the equalizer as you want.

It’s so easy to immerse yourself in the sound as you seamlessly connect devices with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The SYNC 3 system has an optional 4G LTE modem that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot in your truck for up to 10 devices at a time. Never lose connection to the modern world in an F-150.

Whether you’re considering customization or a brand-new Ford F-150 package, we want to help you find the best version for your lifestyle. Stop by your local Jeep Indianapolis and Community Cars in Indiana to take one for a test drive—we think you’ll love what you find. Design your own king of the road today!