2017 Chevrolet Camaro V6: Why This Is Your Dream Car

Chevrolet dealers in Indiana are raving about the new 2017 Chevrolet Camaro V6, and with good reason! This generation offers an expanded lineup for this timeless sports car. The Camaro has finally made the move from the knuckle dragger it used to be to a convertible and sport coupe that is well rounded and quite impressive.

Yes, it is still may not be considered practical to some, but you might not care about that too much after you take note of the features in this sports car that are synonymous with American muscle cars of old.

The Redesign

2017 Chevrolet Camaro V6

This year’s Camaro is coming off of the full redesign that it underwent last year, and it has evolved into what some people might term a sports car. It boasts underpinnings that are both sophisticated and impressive and handling capabilities that might blow your mind.

This year’s redesign still features that tire-shredding power associated with a true muscle car. That said, you don’t have to choose the V8 SS to enjoy all of what the Camaro offers. The base model has a 4 cylinder engine that gives you 275 horsepower, and the V6 offers 335 horsepower and can still speed up at the same pace you would expect from an old-fashioned V8 muscle car.

The V6 seems to be the choice of preference for many people buying a Camaro. Then again, that 8-cylinder SS can still go from 0 to 60 in less than four seconds, so this might come down to a decision of the heart.


For performance, this car smokes both Dodge and Ford, both in straight-line driving and cornering. From a livability perspective, though, there might be a few drawbacks—one of which has to do with the proportions and exotic styling. These both make the Camaro a car that might not be useful for the soccer mom, but it sure looks amazing!


The main downside to the Camaro that is common with most sports coupes lies in the storage space—and, by that, we mean there really isn’t a whole lot of space available. The backseat is better for luggage than people, but that’s an advantage next to the nearly non-existent trunk. It’s likely better for singles and couples than a family.

New Features

Chevrolet Camaro V6

With this Camaro comes the unveiling of a 1LE package. It enhances performance to create a sports car that’s more track-going than road capable. The 1LE has a V6 that takes parts from the SS model while the SS 1LE takes a few parts from the ZL1.

The ZL1 itself is also a new package. This one represents the pinnacle of performance with its V8 650 horsepower engine. 2017 also offers you a 50th Anniversary Edition that has a new mode: Teen Driver. This allows the owner to set driving parameters as they like to make sure that the driver is driving safely.

Curious about the new Chevrolet Camaro V6? We don’t blame you. It’s difficult not to fall in love with this one while driving it or even while staring at it. Come to your local Community Cars Chevrolet dealer in Indianapolis for a test drive today.