10 Vehicles That Can Surpass the 300,000 Mile Mark

Once a car hits the 100,000-mile mark, many people start to sweat. The truth is that there are a lot of cars that can last you for hundreds of thousands of miles as long as they’re well cared for.  If your most recent web search includes the terms “used car dealerships near me,” start with these reliable and timeless favorites.

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Honda Civic

Constantly a community favorite, the Honda Civic is a low-budget car that’s affordable nearly across the board. Hondas are known for their longevity, and the brand has always been reliable. There’s a number of Civics that get well past 300,000 miles without any real signs of wear and tear, so the year is less crucial than the make and model. If you want longevity, consider this car as a top contender.

Toyota Camry

Toyota enjoys a lengthy history of reliability with only a few snafus along the way. This includes everything from SUVs to compact cars. If you prefer something that can transport you, your family members, and your pets, the Camry is one of the best buys. One of the best things about Toyotas is that, as long as they are kept clean and receive regular maintenance, they hold onto much of their value as they age.

Ford F250

Sometimes you need a car for personal errands, and sometimes you need a workhorse. When the latter is true, look to the Ford F250. This truck can be found on many construction sites and is a timeless favorite from 1990 on.

Nissan Altima

If you want a sporty vehicle that will provide you with enjoyment for quite a number of years, the Nissan Altima is one car with a noted history of outlasting the 100,000-mile mark. To keep an Altima in running condition, be sure to have your local Nissan dealership regularly evaluate its needs.

Lincoln Town Car

First used as vehicles for chauffeuring the wealthy and business class, Lincoln Town Cars are still comfortable and long-lasting vehicles, even today. These domestic cars can sometimes achieve 300,000 miles or more without serious repairs.

Geo Metro

Although the Geo Metro is out of production, it’s still found frequently at used car lots and dealerships around the country. Geo Metros are efficient on gas and well-known to last for beyond 300,000 miles.

3 Series BMW

If luxury cars are more your speed, a 3 Series BMW will give you the best mileage for your money while cradling you in the lap of luxury. This series is known to run for much longer than its stated 100,000-mile repair and maintenance mark without degradation.

Subaru Outback

If you want a good crossover vehicle that’s great for everything (including off-roading), the Subaru Outback is best. These cars are often passed down to family members, who then enjoy them for an additional several hundred thousand miles.

Honda Odyssey

Some families simply need a van over a car; when that’s the case, turn to the Honda Odyssey. This van, much like other Honda vehicles, is roomy, reliable, and comfortable all at once.

Chevrolet Suburban

Only a huge SUV will satisfy some people. If this is the case for you, the Suburban is your ticket to fun road trips with friends and family outings. These SUVs are big enough for moves, picnics, camping, families, and even transporting tools. This is an excellent vehicle to aim for if you’re looking for a reliable large SUV in Indiana.

For more information on any of these vehicles, don’t hesitate to reach out to Community Cars today.

Used dealerships near me